June 12, 2014

My new socks


These are my brand new socks, fresh off the e6000. I just finished them today. I have to say I love how I managed to get the patterns to almost match perfectly. That’s very hard to do on the Passap because you can’t see what you’re doing until you’re finished.
These took most of one ball of Premier Yarns: Non-wool Sock Yarn. I picked up a ball of purple and a ball of blue last time I was at Hobby Lobby for $4.99 each. $5 isn’t too bad for a durable, washable pair of socks! They are a little large at the moment, but from a previous pair with this same yarn, I know they will be perfect after they’re washed. Link to my Ravelry project page for these: Footie Socks.

This is all the yarn I have left from the ball. It’s a good thing I have small-ish feet. (I wear a size 7.5 shoe) Although if I were to knit for my friend Megan (a size 4.5 shoe) I could probably get three pairs out of two balls of yarn. LOL!

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