Completed Projects

This page will contain pictures of all my projects as I complete them. Well, if I actually manage to take a picture before I give them away!

This is Diana's Swirl Baby Blanket. Made EON on a Standard Guage Machine

This is an afghan I made for the wife of one of my husband's co-workers, Christmas 2009.

I made this scarf for the same co-worker's wife.

This hat was made for the niece of a yet another of my husband's co-workers. The letters are actually knit into the band. I back-stitched around them after the hat was finished to make them stand out
The picture on the right shows the design in more detail. This was my very first custom punchcard. I really love how it turned out.
The sock to the left was knitted using Diana's Circular Sock pattern. The picture doesn't do it justice; the yarn is actually quite gorgeous. It's a soft grey with green and purple flecks mixed in.
 This is Harvey the Elephant. At least that's his name for the moment. He's hand knit and was actually my first hand-knit Fair-isle project.
 These are Brett's slippers. He's outgrown them now. Hand-knit with a crocheted ankle band. I sewed on a button to keep them snug.
Adam's PJ Pants! My first knit contour project, also my first custom knit contour pattern. Since this picture was taken I have cut out some of the bagginess in the legs.

This is Mama's Knee Blanket. Made on my Singer 560 and SRP-60N ribber. This is a Tuck pattern called hearts and cables.

This is my Swirl Cable Doily. Made using Diana's Swirl Baby Blanket pattern. Knit over 31 needles on my Singer 560. (31 needles because a multiple of 5 + 1 was needed for the cable panels to turn out right) I finished with a sew-as-you-go cable border of my own design.
This is the Mizzou Blanket I made for baby Reece. This was made on my Singer 560 in Double Bed Jacquard.