March 20, 2013

What do you do when you have no knitting machine?

Yes, sadly, I am currently knitting machine-less. I just sold my whole setup on eBay. Hoping to be able to buy a Passap E6000. Well, technically, I’m not completely machine-less. I do have a Brother kh863 in the bedroom, but I don’t have a carriage for it: I use it exclusively with the Garter Carriage.

So, what does a machine knitter do when they don’t have a knitting machine? Crochet, of course!

When I was in the hospital with the twins Talia was having a very difficult time regulating her body temperature. This led to one very kind nurse scouring Labor and Delivery for hats, booties, and any other warm thing she could get her hands on. Sadly, the hospital was down on donations so my pretty little Talia ended up with two hospital issue hats on her head and her feet stuck in a third. Since then, I have slowly been trying to make baby items that I can donate. This is my progress so far:


Yes, I know 5½  pairs aren’t much to show for 6 months, but I have had to fit in crochet around everything else.

This is what one of the booties looks like unflattened:


Cute, isn’t it? I used a pattern from Lion Brand for these. It works up quick and at the end you only have to work in your beginning and ending tails. You can find the pattern here: One note I have on the pattern is to use a smaller hook than they call for. The pattern wants you to use a size K hook with worsted weight yarn. For me, that made the bootie come out WAAY too big. I actually had to go all the way down to a size G hook to get the size I wanted.

March 5, 2013

The Importance of Washing Gauge Swatches

We have all been told that it is important to wash and block our gauge swatches in the same manner that we will use for the final garment. But, let’s be honest, how often do we actually take the time to do this? I can tell you, I usually don’t. However, I’m very glad that for this project I took the time to wash my gauge swatch.

This is the finished shirt before washing. (Dee wanted to help me take the picture) I tried it on over my t-shirt because the yarn knit up airy and see-through.

This is the same shirt after washing. Look how much it shrunk! I’m glad I washed my gauge swatch and allowed for this shrinkage when I knit. Now I have a cute raglan shirt that fits perfectly. Oh, and dear readers, please ignore my chubby belly in these pictures. I haven’t quite lost all the baby weight yet.