November 15, 2011

My Favorite Sweater

While I was getting dressed this morning I was thinking about how much I really like the sweater I'm wearing today. In fact, I think it may be my absolute favorite sweater. I love almost everything about it.

 The colors are perfect, it's super warm, and it's knitted in double jacquard so there's no floats in the colorwork.
The only drawback is the length. I like my sweaters almost tunic length; and as you can see from the first picture, this sweater falls waaay short of that.
Still, I really, really like it. I'm thinking I may knit one just like it only making it the length I like. I've got a Brother machine now, so the Birdseye backing will be no problem. Now, I just have to find the perfect yarn.

November 10, 2011

Color Changer

I'm so excited! My new color changer is due in today on UPS. I'm just itching to start the ski masks for my husband's Academy Class. The color changer is going to make the process much faster and easier. In fact, I was reading the manual, and it looks like the Brother color changer is set up to allow for 2 yarns in the carriage at at time. One main yarn that doesn't change, and one contrast yarn that can be traded for anyother yarn in the changer. I'm really hoping I read that right, because that would be a VERY welcome change from what I'm used to with my Studio machine. With its color changer I can only knit with one color at a time. It's still helpful, but makes for a very lengthy knitting process.

November 3, 2011

MSATA Class 171

My new project: ski masks for Missouri Sheriff's Association Training Academy Class 171. My husband is a member of this class and he thought it would be nice to have some ski masks for weapons training which is in December.

This is my preliminary design:
The stars will be grey, the MISSOURI SHERIFF will be black and Class 171 will be white. I plan to knit it 2 layers for warmth (and to hide floats) with ribbing on the bottom.