January 23, 2011

Pictures (Finally) of Swirl Cable Doily

 As promised, I am finally posting pictures of my completed doily. Here it is to the left. As you can see I used Diana's Swirl Baby Blanket pattern and added cables every other panel. I made this on a standard guage machine over 31 needles. To finish, I added a sew-as-you-go cable border instead of using the "worm" border Diana used.
Cable Border
To the left is a close up of the cable panel and cable border. The border turned out a little "loopy". Next time I'll add another stitch on the edge next to the doily and see if that helps.

January 21, 2011

Pile-Knit Bear?

The other day I was thinking about all the teddy bears I made in Jr. High and High School and how I haven't made any in a while. Then I used fake fur or just plain fabric for the pieces, which were sewed together. I have been looking for a machine knit teddy bear pattern, but have been unable to find one that I liked. Then, I had a thought, what if I made a basic pile-knit fabric and used it to make a cut-n-sew bear. That would give me control over the fabric color and density, as well as letting me make a "furry" fabric that is washable. By using Cluster Stuf for the stuffing, I would have a machine washable bear that wouldn't bunch up; which wolud make a great present for my messy children.

January 12, 2011

Nagging Thoughts

Have you ever had a idea for knitting that just nagged at you until you actually had to sit down and knit it? I've had two ideas lately that were that way. Fortunately, I was able to incorporate them both into the same project. I've made Diana's swirl baby blanket doily size and added cables; I also added a sew as you go cable border.

Whew, two ideas no longer hounding me to be knit.

It actually turned out well. I hope to have pictures up in a few days after I wash it.

Next project: a knitted cover for my Kindle 3.