December 16, 2012


Yes, mustaches. This year for the school’s Christmas gift exchange the students are doing handmade gifts. One of my students asked if I could help him make a scarf for the girl who's name he drew. And one of her favorite things, believe it or not, is mustaches. So I sat down and Googled mustaches. I found several images that I liked and put them all together in DAK. Then I put my knitting machine to work. This is what I came up with:


I think it turned out pretty well. So, I’ve made his “fabric” for the scarf; now all he has to do is sew the back seam and attach the fringe. I hope she likes it.

December 2, 2012


I had some time last night to work on my Siberian Slipper pattern. It still needs a little tweaking, but it’s almost there.Photo0627I’m still working newborn size because it’s faster to knit and fine-tune mistakes. Once I’m satisfied with my technique I will try it full-size. I plan on trying a slightly different way of picking up the sole stitches.
I’m also not quite satisfied with how the decreases look. Decreasing that many stitches at once creates quite a ridge on the top of the slipper. I’m thinking I may try decreasing over three stitches and see if that gives me the look I want. I have also decided that I need to decrease one stitch before I get to the back ribbing so that it comes out right. You can see on this slipper I ended up with 2 purl rows together in my 1x1 rib. As always, I appreciate any suggestions anyone has.