October 2, 2014

Up is down… Down is up…

Have you ever had one of those days when you had too much to do and everything that could possibly go wrong did? Yeah, I’m having a month like that. This week has been especially bad. First, I lost my phone. It turns out one of my kids had hidden it AND put it on “airplane” mode so it wouldn’t ring. Then, I went to McDonald’s to get breakfast only to discover that somehow my wallet had mysteriously disappeared from my purse. (I did find it later, at home.) I have tons of paperwork that needs to be done, but I also have a ton of homework. AHHH! Where to start?

On the knitting front however, I just ordered a complete set of DPNs off eBay; and I’m getting ready to make gauge swatches for a Christmas tree skirt for my pastor.

I’m hoping to have some nice knitting/crochet pictures to show here in the next few days.

Oh, wait! I just remembered the baby shower gifts I made:







There’s a cute pair of Cowboy “boots” to match the hat, but somehow I missed getting a picture of them before I mailed them to Texas. These are for my Sister-in-Law’s sister who is having a baby in December (I think it’s December).