March 5, 2013

The Importance of Washing Gauge Swatches

We have all been told that it is important to wash and block our gauge swatches in the same manner that we will use for the final garment. But, let’s be honest, how often do we actually take the time to do this? I can tell you, I usually don’t. However, I’m very glad that for this project I took the time to wash my gauge swatch.

This is the finished shirt before washing. (Dee wanted to help me take the picture) I tried it on over my t-shirt because the yarn knit up airy and see-through.

This is the same shirt after washing. Look how much it shrunk! I’m glad I washed my gauge swatch and allowed for this shrinkage when I knit. Now I have a cute raglan shirt that fits perfectly. Oh, and dear readers, please ignore my chubby belly in these pictures. I haven’t quite lost all the baby weight yet.

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