May 21, 2014

Lady Cornwall Finished

Well I just finished my Lady Cornwall. And I just discovered (the hard way) that apparently my mystery yarn was wool. I didn’t even know I had any wool in the house! I threw the shrug in the washing machine so it would be clean before I steam blocked it (what you do with acrylic); but I noticed when I went to switch my clothes to the dryer, that it had slightly felted. Bummer! Needless to say it is now drying on top of the dryer instead of inside it.

Still looks great, though. Still it’s good that I had already planned to make another one because I don’t think this one will stay in my house very long being hand-wash only.

Notes for next time: Continue YO increases all the way down the front; pair with double decreases for the last half to keep the same shape.

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