May 19, 2014

Texas Tree Skirt

So, I’ve finally finished knitting all the wedges for my husband’s Christmas tree skirt. Working on blocking all the pieces today.


Why do I bother blocking? Is it really worth all the work? I did use acrylic yarn after all. Well, take a look at this “before and after” picture. This is two wedges of the same design one before blocking and one after.0519141235-00

Quite the difference, huh? I hope to get all the pieces steamed and seamed today. Then all I have to do is knit the inside and outside borders.

In case your wondering, I’m blocking these pieces on an exercise mat. I picked it up from Wal-Mart this morning. It’s this one here. I will eventually get a grid marked on it to make blocking easier. I already checked and Sharpie won’t rub off even when vigorously steamed.

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