July 6, 2014


I’ve been working on the Orla Spring Socks pattern from Ravelry here. And I have discovered a few things:
1. I only like ankle socks. I originally made a taller sock and I didn’t like how it felt on my ankle.
2. I HATE French heels. I knit one complete sock according to the pattern, but I am now frogging it to make a pair that I will actually wear. I prefer a short-row heel, at the moment the Fish Lips Kiss heel is my go-to.
You can see from the picture that the FLK heel is much smoother; it also fits better on my foot.
3. I love the “flat” toe from the pattern (with a few modifications).
I love the roundness of this toe. The pattern originally called to you to decrease down to 8 stitches and then gather them, but that would have completely ruined the shape. Instead, I knit toe-up starting with 24sts and just changed all the decreases to increases. I love the look of it, and it fits perfectly.
4. It takes about the same amount of time to knit a sock as it does to drive from Lebanon, MO to San Antonio, TX. I knit, or rather re-knit, the first sock of the pair while my husband drove us to San Antonio for vacation this last week.

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SecondStory Loft said...

I love the round to as opposed to the triangular shaped sock also. I never understood that type of shaping for a sock. The pattern looks really pretty. Can't wait to see modeling pics!