November 14, 2012

Pictures as Promised

Ok, so I finally finished knitting the other curtain and valance for the spare bedroom. This is a photo of the valance; it was easier to photograph than the curtain.Photo0611
I still have a few ends to weave in. My lace carriage occasionally drops a stitch; I caught and fixed most of them as I was knitting, but a few slipped through.

This is the first lace pattern I have ever designed. I used DAK 8. I didn’t purchase the lace add-on because I don’t knit lace that often so I actually told the computer I was knitting Fair-Isle and then just used my lace carriage instead. Here is a close-up picture of the design:

Photo0612You can see it’s just a simple lace design (the lace carriage transfers and knits in the same row). I have yet to design any fashion lace, although I would like to redesign this so the transfers are symmetrical.

I will post pictures of the entire set on the window as soon as we get them hung.

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