November 27, 2012

Ok, Seriously? DUH!

So I have been pondering what the best way was to do all the increases in the Machine-knit version of the Amazing Siberian Slipper. The original (hand-knit) pattern calls for making seven stitches out of one stitch every 4th row. This is completely impossible to do on a knitting machine without involving waste yarn and grafting and essentially eliminating all the time you saved by knitting on the machine in the first place. So I was experimenting with spacing out the increases, but that wasn’t quite looking right either. Then, it hit me: instead of trying to increase six stitches why not decrease. Duh! If I flip the slipper over and start from the bottom I will eliminate my problem because I can easily decrease seven stitches into one. Yay! Now I just have to make sure that my DAK file for the slip stitch pattern doesn’t need to be changed to allow for knitting the other direction.

Pictures to follow soon, I hope.

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