February 21, 2011

Chain Stitch

 This is one of the letters on Adam's PJs. They were too plain in straight white so I'm working a chain stitch around them. For this I am using a tapestry needle and actually "embroidering" the chain stitch. It's exactly the same stitch as if I'd used a crochet hook and drew up loops through the fabric. (which, by the way, I tried) This, in my opinion, looks waay better. Using the tapestr needle gives me better control of the tension on the yarn so my stitches come out more even. Plus, working a crochet chain through a fabric is really awkward. It's difficult to see what you're doing and where the yarn is.

You can see the difference in the two pictures. The "E" I made with the tapestry needle for the "G" I used the crochet hook. Notice how th stitches are much smaller and tighter. It's hard to tell from the picture, but those tight stitches are actually causing the fabric to pucker a little bit. I'll have to take it out and redo it later. For now though I'm going to bed. Good night, all!

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