February 3, 2011

Weekend Projects

Hand Knit Elephant

Ok, so maybe they were weekday projects; but when you're snowed in what else are you going to do?

To the right is a hand-knit elephant I've been working on since before Deanna was born. She's only 4 months old, so I guess it's not been that long. 

This is the hem on a pair of PJ pants I'm working on for my Husband. I'm really excited about them; this is the first thing Adam has asked me to make for him. I'm hoping they turn out good.; I haven't had much practice with the knit contour. 

The picture below is the actual back piece of the pants. This picture was taken right off the machine; after they have been sewn and washed the curl should go away. (Yes, those are my toes holding the hem down for the pic!)
Back Right PJ Pant

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