April 4, 2013

Finished Hats, Booties and a Pattern

This is my progress so far on the hats and booties I plan to donate to the hospital. I want to have 10 pair of booties and 10 hats to donate by the end of the week. As you can see from the hat picture, I got tired of crochet and switched to knit.

0404131756-00This is a close-up picture of my knitted hat. It’s a simple 2x2 rib hat. Pattern can be downloaded here: https://www.box.com/s/b2clbmvor1k9doso77fm

My sweet baby Talia kindly modeled one of the hats for me. Isn’t she sweet?

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Nicoleta said...

Oh, these are sooo cute. I am loving the colors too.