January 14, 2013

More on Marilyn and How to fix a scarf gone awry

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my experiences with a certain project that I stayed up waay too late knitting. I am proud to say that I finally got it finished. Yay, me! The project, oddly enough, was a knitted top for a cushion on the top of a hope chest. (Ah, the things my husband volunteers me for!) A gentleman my husband works with wanted a custom top for a hope chest he was making for his daughter. Apparently her two favorite things are giraffes and Marilyn Monroe and her favorite color is purple; from this the following project was born:
Photo07051. I knitted the background piece. .

Photo07072. Next I knitted the “Marilyn” insert for the top. (I wanted to do this all using DAK, but as discussed in my last post my carriage is acting up)
Photo07093. I sewed around my insert using my sewing machine and turned under and hand-sewed the raw edges.

Photo07104. I hand-sewed the insert piece to the background piece.

Photo0711The finished piece: Ta Da!

Ok, I don’t have time now to narrate these pictures, but I’ll come back later and finish this post.

1. Scarf right off the machine, with the back seam sewn
2. My totally botched embroidery job.
3. Sew a line of stitches above the embroidery.
4. Cut off the bottom of the scarf about 1/4" from the stitching
5. Repeat the sewing and cutting for the other end of the scarf.
6. Latch fringe onto both ends of scarf, being sure to insert the latch tool on the inside of the stitching.
7. On the finished scarf you can't even tell it was shortened. The fringe covers the raw edge.

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