February 11, 2012

DAK 8!

Ok, it's official, I love DAK 8!!! I just planned out a pattern for my punchcard machine. It let me change the stitch type so I could see what it would look like when knitted by my garter carriage; and printed out a template so I can punch my punchcard. This program is amazing!


Sheryl Evans said...

I have DAK 7, & am wondering if DAK 8 is worth the upgrade. I have never learned to use 7 the way I planned to when I bought it. It seems I am always too busy doing something!! to actually sit down & study. What do you think?? Sheryl

lzbthmcmullen said...

DAK 8 is wonderful, and much easier to use, in my opinion, than 7. Plus, it has tutorials right on the CD; so you get "lessons" without just blindly clicking on buttons to see what they do!