March 7, 2011

Shell's Hat

I made this hat for a co-worker of mine who absolutely freezes in winter. I wanted a hat that would be warm, but would still breathe. I used a thin yarn at tension 3 on my standard machine. Basically, the hat is a long tube with both ends gathered and one tucked inside the other. The pattern follows:

  • CO 45L to 45R both beds. T3.

  • K 50R full needle rib.

  • K 250R English Rib.

  • K 50R full needle rib.

  • Cast off circular on waste yarn.

  • Sew smiles-and-frowns cast off.

  • Sew side to make tube, gather ends. Nest one in inside the other to form hat. Sew to secure.

I used English Rib for the body of the hat to make it warm and dense. The full needle rib on both ends helps to draw in the top of the hat so it's not as bulky on top of the head. I made a second one for her in black, but it doesn't photograph very well.

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